Sister Trip to Annapolis, Maryland

Let me start off this blog post by saying how incredibly obsessed I am with my older sister.

For anyone planning a trip to Annapolis: my sister and I stayed at The Scotlaur Inn Bed and Breakfast right on Main Street in Annapolis. It was a perfect location and the people running the place are extremely friendly. You can easily walk the entire city, even when it’s only 12 degrees!

We decided to go on a sister trip to Annapolis during a week when the temperature was consistently below freezing , which just added to the fun. I’ve always loved Annapolis and could honestly picture myself living there one day (when I can afford it). It’s the cutest city, located right on the Chesapeake Bay.

Annapolis is currently the capitol of Maryland, but did you know that it was capitol of the United States for a short while? Yup, that’s right, Annapolis was home to the United States government from August 13, 1784 to January 14, 1784.

Some places to see while you’re in Annapolis:

The State House

The State House has been open for business since the late 1700’s, and is still used for legislative purposes today. If you go inside, you can stand where George Washington did when he went before congress and resigned his commission as commander-in-chief. The Treaty of Paris was also ratified here, so you will read a lot of informational signs about that.

The Old Treasury Building 

Located right outside The State House is The Old Treasury Building. It is the oldest building in Annapolis. Featuring me 🙂

U.S. Naval Academy

Touring the U.S, Naval Academy was incredible. It was founded in 1845, so while it was cool to see the modern-day set up of the campus, there was also a lot of history behind the school, itself. The campus is in downtown, so you can walk to it.

Chesapeake Bay

Make sure you walk out by the bay while you’re visiting the city. You can access the docks and look at the boats, or stare out at the open water right from the edge of the city.

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