Barcelona, Spain – Sangria and The Mediterranean Sea



When I left for Ireland, Barcelona was the #1 city I wanted to go to and when we first started booking trips, I wasn’t sure I was going to get there. Somehow me and some of my friends managed to plan a trip for a weekend right before we went back to America.

It was December & Barcelona was still beautiful. Now, before we go into what to do tourist-wise I need to write a brief paragraph on how drunk we got while there because it’s absurd. We flew in at night and did the typical paella and sangria experience at a restaurant near our hostel. We were right downtown, so we got to wander a bit and ended up in a store buying more wine…I mean come on it’s Spain!!!!

In Barcelona we were staying right near the Placa de Catalunya, which was nice because it’s a popular plaza and we could walk there whenever we wanted. This also put us very close to the Gothic Quarter and had access to a ton of different shops.

My six years of remedial spanish classes somehow got us through public transportation all the way to Park Guell which I highly recommend. I loved this & it is great photo ops, just so your research on public transportation because you really want to know where you’re going. Out of all the cities I travelled to, Barcelona had the least amount of english-speaking individuals and asking for directions was really hard.

I have to say my favorite part was when we found the beach. It’s a little bit of a trip from where we stayed, but it was worth it. (Yes we walked…like a lot of miles). I have a weird obsession with bodies of water and can proudly say I have now touched the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, The Irish Sea, The Caribbean, & The Mediterranean! We stayed at a really nice hostel called St. Christopher’s… if you are interested in booking a trip and would like to explore the hostel option- shoot me an email via the contact page 🙂 I’ll be happy to help.



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