A Weekend in Boston and Salem, MA

A few weeks ago, my childhood best friend and I ventured up to Boston & Salem, Massachusetts. I had been to Boston before, and for all of you state-side folk, you know that it’s not too far from New York…but sometimes are greatest adventures are in our backyard.

Boston is a nice city. It’s tiny compared to New York City and should be easier to navigate but put two directionally-challenged people in the center and ask them to find the Freedom Trail and you’ve got yourself quite the sitcom. I can’t even tell you how many times we lost the red line marking the Freedom Trail…it was ridiculous. Suddenly it would just end and we’d stand there, looking all around, finally picking a route that was inevitably wrong, and walking miles out of our way. Whatever, it was an adventure. We found our way to Quincy Market eventually and had a grand ol’ time.

If you park near Boston Commons, it’s really easy to find the start of the trail (we know this now). There are parking garages EVERYWHERE, but shop for prices a little because there are always ones with deals or cheaper fees if you look hard enough.

Salem – I’m obsessed with you. Salem was incredible. Not only because I am a huge fan of Hocus Pocus (will touch back on this later) but also because it’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s a small sea town filled with old homes.

Yes…there are witches…EVERYWHERE. Some of the museums are pretty cool and if you’re interested in that stuff there are also plenty of stores you can wander in.

We stayed at the Salem Inn & Suites. We were also upgraded which was a very nice surprise. As any 21+ would do, we bought a ton of candy from Walgreens and sat in bed for watching disney movies that night, but there are also a few breweries and bars around for nightlife activities. (Salem Beer Works has amazing nachos).

Back to Hocus Pocus…we found Max and Dani’s house….town hall….the cemetery…and Allison’s house. Let me tell you, I was freaking out internally. Allison’s house is vacant, but Max and Dani’s is not…people live there…so be really respectful if you also happen upon it. Side note, their house has the most incredible view of the water and I will live in it one day, mark my words.


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