Paris, France

Paris…The Eiffel Tower…Notre-Dam…The Louvre…Disneyland…yes I did throw Disneyland in there.

Paris was the absolute best weekend. Honestly, I wasn’t the city’s #1 fan, but two of my best friends & I travelled  there with only two days to spare and had an amazing time. We lucked out and ended up with our own room at the hostel, which was a fantastic surprise. We also walked 15 miles and 669 steps up the Eiffel Tower. All three of us may have been gasping for air by the time we got to the top, but the views were incredible and distracted me from the pain radiating throughout my body.

Going to earn myself some street cred right now & bring up how I fought off someone trying to take my wallet in front of Notre-Dam.  PSA don’t sign any petitions- it could be a trap to get your hands away from your belongings. That’s what happened to me and even though I refused to sign, she wrapped her arm around mine and went straight for my pocket to grab my wallet. Elbow straight to the gut…yep not kidding…in a fight or flight moment I’m pretty glad I chose fight.

Our hostel was really close to various public transportation we could take into the main city so getting around was easy, but like always, we ended up walking for a significant amount of our travels. Not only does walking save money, but I think it allows you to see more and experience more of the city than you would if you were cooped up in a train or taxi cab. There were also Christmas markets all around that you could walk through and little street shops to get food at, including macaroons that we had a really hard time finding for some reason…I actually almost bought a box of macaroon-shaped soaps by accident thinking they were the cookie.

Disneyland Paris was magical. It was so Christmas-themed & just happy. I was in love with every part of it. I ate crepes (gluten free) and titled my instagram photo “holy crepe we are in Paris” which I’m still pretty proud of.

As always, if you want hostel suggestions or need some tips on things to do while in Paris, please feel free to shoot me an email!

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