Quick Trip To Florence, Italy

My trip to Florence, Italy included A LOT of food & about 98% of if was not gluten-free (which if you don’t know already know me, I am allergic to gluten). I was only in the country for three days yet somehow ate three paninis, pizza, pasta, & gelato. All of these foods are obviously MAJOR triggers for me so I lived off of my stomach medicine which is not something I recommend doing, BUT when in Rome do as the Romans do & they would eat what they wanted right??

Well I wasn’t in Rome, but I made it those three days feeling pretty good & had an AMAZING time. Not to mention I got to be reunited with one of my very best friends after weeks of being away from my family & friends.

Unfortunately, we only had two short days, but it was still incredible.

I travelled to Florence where we got to see The Duomo & The Piazza de Michelangelo (which was my favorite). We actually bought local wine and went to the top of the Piazza to watch the sunset. TALK ABOUT CARDIO- there are A LOT of steps!! I felt at least 20 pounds lighter by the top & definitely walked off those paninis. The views were incredible & something I’ll never forget. Call me sappy, but in that moment I was in such disbelief with my life & how lucky I was to be experiencing this that I teared up. I tried to play it off like I wasn’t a total loser, but wow I was so seriously happy in that moment.

We also spent a good amount of time wandering around to see the artwork, little shops and a super cool street market where I spent a good portion of my money on magnets & bracelets. I started collecting magnets wherever I travelled to & I have to brag, my board is looking pretty good.

Quick side note: we also tried to go to a museum, but couldn’t get inside because Tom Hanks was there…

Italy’s culture is very different from American culture which made it a little intimidating, but extremely interesting. I loved being able to say “grazi” when I was in stores or just get to converse with our waiters while we ate dinner. It was amazing to meet all of these people & get a look at their every day lives.

Safe travels friends,


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