Seattle, Washington: Whales and Mountains

Port Townsend

Our final stop on a cross-country road trip was good ol’ Seattle. It also happened to be the home-front of one of my travel friends I was driving with. We stayed a mere five minutes from the Puget Sound and an adorable little town called, Port Townsend. Port Townsend is something out of a movie. It’s quaint features and old-time shops and restaurants really create quite the aesthetic for the town. Not to mention, it overlooks the Puget Sound and a serious amount of mountains. This includes Mt. Rainier which can be seen fairly clearly on a sunny day.

It only took me 24 hours before I had invested in a whale watching trip. One full day and I saw many types of marine life, including Orcas which I may or may not have cried about. Orcas has been my favorite since I was seven and had dinner with Shamu at SeaWorld. Since I boycott those types of establishments after watching BlackFish, I had been deprived from getting a chance to see Orcas or any type of whale for that matter. There was one time a humpback swam past the Jersey Shore, but it was really far out and to be honest I’m not sure if I actually saw the whale or if it was a wave…

Anyway, whale watching rocked. Seeing them thrive in their natural habitat was amazing and our tour guides were even able to point out the different members of the family. They also brought us to the San Juan Islands for a lunch break, which is also something I have always wanted to do. We walked through shops and looked out at the bay. There were plenty of restaurant/food options, but my friends and I travel on a tight budget and usually pack lunch. I preferred this anyway, it gave us more time to sit out and look at the water.

*Important while you’re traveling to the Sam Juan Islands, Canadian cell towers take over and your phone will use a ton of data. Our tour guide told us when to put them on airplane mode, but in case you venture there by yourself, make sure your data roaming is off. *


The ferries in Seattle are NO joke. You could live on those things. They’re huge.

Being from New York, finding any sort of city that’s smaller, but just as happening as New York is really exciting. Seattle is incredibly nice and put together. It’s just like any other city, but we walked from one side to the other in a matter of a day. I ended up getting extremely sick this day, so while I don’t remember much of the rest, I still enjoyed myself and included the one view I got from the Mariners stadium before I clocked out for the night.

Mt. Rainier


Mt. Rainier is dormant volcano, that you can hike around. It adds a but of excitement wondering if it’s just going to blow at any moment, but also slight unease. Regardless, it’s BEAUTIFUL. We stuck to trails around the bottom and through the park, then driving up to see the summit. Some people were dressed to actually go and climb it, but we were not prepared or interested in doing that. It takes a lot of actual climbing with ropes and while I love to hike, I’m not about that ice climbing life. Maybe one day…

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