Road Trip to Canada: Niagara Falls and Toronto

My travel bug began to bite again a few months ago so my friend and I planned a road trip to Canada. I’m a relatively laid back traveler, meaning I don’t really plan too much beforehand…this can be a good thing or a bad thing. I pick somewhere I want to go and I just do t, figuring it out along the way. Usually I’ll google a few main attractions, talk to some locals and take their word for it.

Well, being that I’ve lived out of the country before, you would think I wouldn’t seem like such a rookie at planning another excursion beyond the border, but I completely forgot my phone wasn’t going to work and we soon found ourself crossing into Canada with no GPS and no map.

“Everything’s fine” became quite the tag line. We went and enjoyed Niagara Falls, taking some really great pictures and just simply listening to the roar of the water. It was so relaxing and I wasn’t worried about anything.

Until we found out that while we were standing there, enjoying ourselves, the travel center closed, so we were still map-less.

$50 in international data charges later we made it to our hotel in Toronto and let me tell you I LOVE THIS CITY. It’s like a mini New York City, but the people are friendlier. We had stopped to glance at our map and a woman came to help us. Being from New York, my “spidy senses” immediately kicked in and I was ready to fight this lady for getting too close to us, but then I realized she was genuinely just trying to help. Complete foreign concept.

(For those of you who have never been to New York, you shouldn’t even look at a map where others can see you, it shows vulnerability).

Anyway, back to Toronto. We ventured up the CN Tower which has incredible views overlooking the city and Lake Ontario.

AMAZING. The lake was also had massive pieces of ice floating around which really added to the aesthetic. It’s about 36 Canadian dollars to go up the tower and that translates to about 28 in American dollars, so it’s definitely not a cheap trip, but the views are worth it. They also have a snack bar at the top and gift shop at the bottom (both of which I proudly avoided).

There’s also an option to go up even higher for an additional ticket purchase. I’m not sure how much this was since I did not partake.

Walking along Lake Ontario was incredible. I have a weird obsession with large bodies of water. Usually I have to make contact of some sort with every new lake/ocean I go to, but it’s literally freezing so I didn’t touch this one. I’ll come back and do it one day when I won’t end up hospitalized from being just plain stupid.

Toronto also has a well-known aquarium, Harry Potter bar (which I’m going to tonight!) and a killer record store, Sonic Boom. I don’t actually own a record player, but I love the stores. Maybe one day I’ll actually go in and buy something, but for now I just walked around and found the ones I like, then gently put them back. I have weird quirks about me I really can’t explain, but I was pretty damn happy when we found this store. It’s on Spadina Ave, which is one of the main streets in Toronto, running perpendicular to Yonge (the mini times square). The store itself is actually in China Town which threw us off, but now that I actually have a map, we found it pretty easily.

Toronto, you’ve definitely impressed me. Thank you, Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ


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